Kaohsiung City tour

We are going to visit.


O1 Sizihwan(Hamasing)

Located on the Taiwan Strait at the north of the entrance to Kaohsiung Harbor, Sizihwan is surrounded by mountains with Shoushan to the northeast and Shaochuantou Mountain, a spur of Shoushan to the east. The area is dominated by the campus of National Sun Yat-sen University which faces the open waters of the Taiwan Strait. Xiziwan Beach (known as Takao Beach during Japanese rule) is a black sand beach that sits right at the edge of the campus and is a popular recreation area. The Former British Consulate

at Takaoand the historic Lingxing Temple at the peak of Shaochuantou

overlook Xiziwan Bay.

Orange Line


o2 Yanchangpu ─ Pier-2 Art Center

The art center was originally an abandon site of warehouses due to Kaohsiung shift from industrial city to service city. Due to the persistence of local artists, the area was finally released and remade to be an art center. In 2006, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs ofKaohsiung City Government took over the center, starting a series of exhibitions.

O5/R10 Formosa Boulevard

Formosa Boulevard Station is named after the Formosa Boulevard project, a remodelling of Kaohsiung's Jhongshan Road in preparation for the 2009 World Games. The "Formosa" in Formosa Boulevard is in turn named after the Kaohsiung Incident. When a group of Nationalists tried to ban copies of a magazine run by people linked with the Tangwai movement (now the Democratic Progressive Party). Transferring from the Red line to the Orange line (or vice versa) takes roughly 4 minutes.


O7 Cultural Center

The cultural center was originally built as a memorial hall for Chiang Kai-shek; its former name was Kaohsiung Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center. The memorial function was abolished by the city's government in 2007, and the name was then changed to the current name.


O9 Martial Arts Stadium

The Martial Arts Stadium is made up of two buildings – the East and West – each with three small arenas 29m x 21m in size (around 620m2). The basement and ground floor are fixed seats capable of holding around 600 people, while the 2nd and 4th floors (has removable seats – 3rd/5th floors have fixed seats) can hold around 1400 people. Each building’s 3rd and 5th floor has an audio control room used for broadcasts and playing music. The facility also includes an audio-visual center, aerobics classroom,

fitness center, conference rooms and offices.

From: KRTC website



O10 Weiwuying ─ Weiwuying Park

The Preparatory Office of the Weiwuying Center for the Performing Arts was established in march, 2006. The flourishing industries in Kaohsiung have contributed economic growth of Taiwan in the past. The people in Kaohsiung expected to have good use and development of the 67-hectar Weiwuying Park for a long time. In 1979, military committee got a resolution and discontinued theusage of the Weiwuying Park for military purposes. The result was to plan and make efforts on the “National Kaohsiung

Performing Arts Center”. The goal is to create a world-class performing arts

facility to attract both nationally renowned performing artists and leading global companies to the southern Taiwan.                

From: KRTC website

O13 Dadong ─ Dadong Art center

The Dadong Art Center is positioned as a multi-functional art space. It boasts multi-purpose performance halls, commercial creative art space for exhibitions and an unique art library.The Dadong Art Center is an integrated nucleus that supports all artistic and cultural activities. The center is designed to respect our natural environment, half of the center is an outdoor space that maximizes the utilization of natural environment elements such as breezes, light, rain etc., to create an oriental Zen atmosphere.

From: Kaohsiung City Dadong Arts Center website


R22A Ciaotou Sugar Refinery

Built In 1901, Ciautou Sugar Refinery Office, including Director Office and Conference Room, features in copying western tropical colonial style. It seems to stay in European classical castle when visiting the tortuous gallery and serial arch. It’s probably the first steel-structural building in Taiwan. Listed as the most significant architecture in the Early 20th Century, it is also the best preserved historical sites in Ciautou distract. In the front of the Office is for the worship of the Bodhisattva, one of the only

three saved around the world.

From: KRTC website

Red Line

R21 Metropolitan Park

At the Jingpu Farm of Taiwan Sugar Company, roughly 95 hectares in size, the metropolitan park is designed in regional forest style. Facilities include an entrance, an amusement park, and an ecological district to offer the local residents a good place for recreation. In addition to provide exercise and recreation, this park hopes to achieve the goal for both promoting the natural environment and improving local quality. Since this park was established by mixing city’s forest and ecological plants, it was the first park for environment protection and tourism in Taiwan.

From: KRTC website


R17 World Game Main Stadium(National Stadium)

 After winning the right to host the 8th World Games in Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung City immediately launched an extensive program to have the city’s software and hardware infrastructure ready by 2009. The World Games Main Stadium located at the intersection of World Games Blvd. and Jyunsiao Rd. will commence construction in January 2007 and be completed by the end of January 2009 in readiness for the 8th World Games to be held from July 16 ~ 26. The main stadium covers 19 hectares and has a budget of NT$5.275 Billion. This will be the first athletics field in Taiwan with

a world-standard 400m running track capable of holding 40,000 people; a

temporary stand capable of holding 15,000 people will be built as well. Local and international characteristics as well as eco-friendly design features such as green 


buildings and solar-power will all be incorporated into this national-level sports facility. The ultimate goal is to build an urban sports park that will be “the first eco-friendly and sustainable multi-purpose sports complex in the world to utilize solar power”.

From: KRTC website

R14 Kaohsiung Arena

It’s located on the section between Bo-ai 2nd Rd. and Sinjhuang 1st Road. It combines delicate shopping mall, fine restaurants, and an international banquet room of Grand Hi-Lai Hotel. The plaza includes 8 ground floors and 1 underground floor. It had been built from August 2004 until July 2008. The idea of operation is “lead a splendid life&let a dream take off.” This shopping plaza is the new generation shopping center that accesses to fashions and times. In addition, it is guided by the professional management team from Hanshin Department Store. The shopping place, 21,000 Pings (about 70,000M2), collects all commodity levels that satisfy family having fun and purchasing. With carrying

on the consistent boutiques and the brand images for all customers’ level of

Hanshin Department Store, there are international boutiques, world-class


cosmetics flagship stores, and fascinating boulevard of women’s shoes in it. Hopefully bring new, trendy, young, and international fashion perspectives to the customers. 22 popular theme restaurants, the famous exotic food, and extremely delicious multi-national cuisine here can satisfy the customers’ hunger of new tastes. A new generation top supermarket enriches daily life and contents the needs of different customers.



R11 Kaohsiung Main Station

  • 1900 Takau (打狗) station opened with the opening of Tainan-Takau line where there is Kaohsiung Harbor Station today.

  • 1907 Fongshan branch (extended to today's Pingtung Line) opened.

  • 1920 Takau Station was renamed to Kaohsiung (Takao in Japanese) Station.

  • 1933 Construction of new station on Fongshan branch started.

  • Jun 22, 1941 Kaohsiung Station (new) opened and old Kaohsiung Station was renamed to Kaohsiung Harbor Station. (Picture on the righthand side)



R9 Central Park ─ Sinjyuejiang Commercial Zone

In view of the rise and fall of Jiukuchan, the pioneers of the sinjyuejiang choose the Lane 167 of Wunheng 2nd Road (next to Mercuries Department Store, in front of Oscar Cinemas) to improve and recreate the idea of a “Kuchan” shopping zone. With improved management and encouragement for self-owned enterprises, this commercial zone was started on 1988 on the liveliest streets next to Presdient Department Store, at the intersection of Wufu 2nd Road and Renjhih Street. The “Sinkuchang” business district offers an improved shopping environment targeted at young consumers and is now the fashion hub for southern Taiwan.


R8  Sanduo Shopping District ─ Tuntex Sky Tower

Tuntex Sky Tower is an 85-floor skyscraperlocated in Lingya District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.Constructed from 1994 to 1997, it is the tallest skyscraper in Kaohsiung, and was the tallest in Taiwan until the completion of Taipei 101. This unique design leaves a substantial space below the central part of the tower. The design was inspired by the Chinese character Kao (or Gao 高), meaning "tall," and also the first character in the city's name.The building is owned by the Tuntex Group (Chien-Tai is a subsidiary) and is mainly offices, but

includes residential space, a department store and the SplendorKaohsiung

hotel occupies the 37th to 70th floors. An observation deckon the 75th

floor offers views over the Kaohsiung City, the Love River and the Kaohsiung Harbour, and is accessed by high speed elevators, capable of speeds of 10.17 m/s.

From: The Skyscraper Center website


R6  Kaisyuan ─ Dream Mall

It is built and operated by Tungcheng Development Corporation , a subsidiary of Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Taiwan's largest food conglomerate that also runs subsidiaries in many other industries. It was designed by international architecture firm RTKL, based in Baltimore, Maryland and opened on May 12, 2007, and contains restaurants, movie theater, gym, and entertainment facilities including a rooftop amusement park.


R16  Zuoying (THSR) ─ Zuoying Station

Xinzuoying Station (TRA) or Zuoying Station (THSR and KMRT), is a major railway station served by Taiwan Railway Administration, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit located in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Passengers can transfer between TRA Western Line, KMRT Red Line, and THSR at this station, and it is the only rail station in southern Taiwan where three rail systems converge.

From: KRTC website