Fo Guang Shan monastery


Venerable Master Hsing Yun founded Fo Guang Shan in 1967. It is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. Presently Fo Guang Shan has over 200 branch temples throughout the world. It also runs publishing houses, schools, Buddhist colleges and does a range of charity work.


Buddha Memorial Center

It had become one of the hottest tourist places at Kaohsiung since its opening in 2011. The whole construction period took about 9 years to complete. There are the Welcoming Hall, the eight Chinese-styled pagodas that stand for the Noble Eightfold Path, Photo Terrace, Bodhi Square, Memorial Hall, four stupas that symbolize the Four Noble Truths, and the FoGuang Buddha. The Center will serve as a hub for Buddhist education and cultural exchange.